Star Skin: Peep


The reason why you must work 


knowing those that sleep 

is that you already keep 

the secrets of the many worlds within the worlds 

across all time 

and all space. 


But this is your place- in your heart and studio 

you may roam the unknown rooms

animate the atlas 

and breathe life into the costume of the primal masquerade. 

And you


are also here now with all of these 

in our star skin. 

You hold the keys 

for so many to begin. 


The reason why you must work sweet Peep 

is that deep within 

is your profound need to be seen 

and so the work will unwind the filament and ignite the light 

to become a beacon for the dream before the dream. 


Put the clothes on the shelves

the books in a row

put yesterdays paper down below. 


unlock the hidden chambers of your truth 

let it grow and nourish and flourish 

if only to

put the clothes on the shelves

books in a row 

today’s paper now gone, down below. 


You must work

you must work 

because your light is just beginning

a newly formed star which will someday pull 

the orbiting spheres of your heart into a perfect galaxy.