Parable Text: Building a House in Mid-air

 BUILDING A HOUSE IN MID-AIR - A Story from the Buddhist Sutra ???

The Buddha loved to tell stories when he was giving a sermon. Here is one from the Sutra of Hundred Parables. ?

Once upon a time there were two very rich merchants living in the same town, both loved to show off their wealth. Let us call them A and B. ?

One day merchant A went to visit merchant B, he observed that B had a big house three stories high. (NOTE: 2,500 year ago, a three storeys high house was a very impressive project!!) He also noticed that everyone in town was very impressed with B's house and said how great it was! ?

On returning home, merchant A was not happy that B got all the attention. So he also hired the same architect to build another house three stories high. The architect accepted the job and started the project. ?

A few days later, merchant A went to visit the construction site. When he saw workers digging the land to prepare for the foundation, he went to see the architect and asked what was happening. ?

"I am constructing a three stories high house as per our contract." replied the architect. "But first, I have to prepare a solid foundation, then build the first floor, second floor and finally third floor." ?

"I do not want anything else, I just want the third floor right away, as high as B's house." demand merchant A. "Never mind the foundation or the other floors." ?

"That cannot be done." replied the architect. ?

"OK, then I hire some else to do it." ?

Nobody in town was able to build a house with no foundation, and so the project was never done. ???