Star Skin: Thank You

You stoke the desire to make the smallest thing so beautiful that it is inescapable from attention. To mold, shape, or paint something so bold and stunning, or delicately perfect where each curve, nuance, color or surface might unlock the mysteries of this universe, this star-skin.

bring out of my big heart the stories of centuries, the shape of mountains, seas and valleys.
Somehow i wish i could condense the knowledge of forests
that live in my heart and toss it to you
and hear you laugh and
return the forests with
your own sound cradling it. You, who might be of the water, or hold the patterns for the cleavage of the rocks. You might also know the fire or the secrets of herbs and dreams. There is so much more we know without knowing. I am more, even if only a little more- with you in this, our star-skin. thank you. thank you (again).