Star Skin: Tonight


Star Skin Tonight



It's hard to describe the feeling

Of the skin so tight so heavy

That any false move might

Split the seam

And then in even more even moments

a kind word

A thing of beauty

Might unravel you like 

Falling jacks and queens

A child's poke

In a fragile house


I see It in your face


I've worn that skin too


And this star skin holds you

Holds the elastic

Possibility of

The fall

And the Phoenix ascent


This star skin says sister says friend says come home again

This star skin.  Says brother says

Father says mother

This star skin says tonight I write this for you

As you clamp down knowing that

Tomorrow the pink elephants

Will fly

That tears will rein and rain

Courage,courage , courage


This star skin I spin across the city to you tonight.