Star Skin : Views


Star Skin: Views.

"I sometimes say no amount of love seems to matter. This is true in the sense that nothing I do (alone) or nothing you do (alone) could bring about true justice or overturn the depravity that exists in the world. I say this with irony- in that it is precisely through our love, our indefatigable loving of one another (each of us), that we can bring about a more beautiful world for all of us. We each see ourselves as we do- but others see us from different views and those shapes and sounds we make to them are present in this, our star skin. We are held in this hammock matrix,  each note we make ripples and crosses paths in different places- and so our pulsing song is as large as the universe. I don't think it is abundantly clear how, exactly, we should live. I am convinced however, that we need one another because alone- no amount of love seems to matter"