Star Skin: After


Starskin, (after) 

the soil pinkens from the twinkling of newly awakened stars in this, our star skin, latticed from dust. It was after that i heard the cactus open her blossom briefly. I found you in that sound. How was I to know the after was coming? After all, how was i to know? After the quick thirst quenched beneath the thunderstorm broken, the after hour lover left a touch of light. The fingers left my side so open. I found you in that touch. After you had left, after the light folded, words arched unfamiliar into the uncertainty.(after) There was nothing more than silence as the memories of shadows fell against my feet. After the slow dune erodes beyond the horizon, after the first love is gone I began to see you ALL again. How was i to know that beyond the morning there was an afternoon, and a dance, and a symphony of joy? Beyond this afternoon lies longing. Beyond the longing lies a love, a love that never leaves. How was i to know after the moment of the calling there was an after? i row out into the ocean of us tonight- starlight inside, unafraid, afraid.