Star Skin: Home


All i ever wanted was to come home. My first home was the solace of infinity, to feel space tug ineffably on my tiny heart so that I felt both me and YOU for the first time. All I ever wanted was to come home. To know that touching you, loving you, didn't divert or replace the love of this ALL. Loving you would just make this star skin we wear brighter. All I ever wanted was to come home. To see the fullest shape with no eyes (or sight), or ears (to hear), no mouth (to sing), to nose (to breathe), or hands (to touch), only one thing in this shape, only one thing there ever is. And I do know I am and have always been home and if love bore me to breathe, love will bear me to cease -- and that is all the same. But you my sweet, consider coming to a place with me where I may come to know the shape of all things true and you.