Skvirsky, Karina Artexts: The Word and it's Significance to Art Jamaica Center for the Arts 04. 2001

 relevant excerpts from the essay...

Jesse Pasca also creates formal works borne from the process of writing repeatedly. In his pieces the text is written so small it appears up close as scribbles or waves of light and dark texture from afar. The work's laborious process is obvious to the viewer and can be perceived as both personal and obsessive yet also transitive- leaving time and space for imaginative contemplation. Pasca's title- A Single Breath, alludes to the simplicity and immediacy of just writing on paper yet the small size of the text and form of the "breath" become physical forms of the process.

.......Language creates a structure in the way information is processed. Why are artists drawn to text/writing? How does their approach diverge from the dissemination of ideas or does it? Artexts seeks to present a myriad of artists using text in intelligent and contemporary ways. Friedemann, Pasca, Lombardi, Campbell, DeLa Vega, Zohar, Boddie, Tohyama and Ekpuk embrace a low-tech approach to creating their work preferring the immediacy of mark -making utensils directly on paper and a process oriented approach to production.