Daniels, Jessica Psst. Wanna Try a Camera Popular Photography Volume 63, No. 6 06.1999

Many People walk the streets of their towns every day without really seeing those streets. As photographers, we're more apt to notice certain parts of the world--colors and contrast, for example--wheras an architect might first notice shape, and a clothing designer's eye might be drawn to fabrics and textures.

How do others view the same streets? Recently, artist, Jesse Pasca tried to find out. He invited homeless people, tourists, and other souls wandering the streets of New York City to photograph whatever they saw. He distributed single-use cameras at a common meeting area, arranged a time to return the cameras, and gave his photographic guinea pigs just one instruction, "Shoot a roll of film and show me what you see."

So far, this ongoing project has turned up photos of billboards, skyscrapers, fellow wanderers, and shop-windows. Pasca says he's pleased with the project's progress. "We are finding the creativity that speaks to our interconnectedness," he explains, "I say, here is a camera, show me what you see. Let's find the spaces we share."