Azhar Chougle Exquisite Photography and OCD Mystics Artlog April 24, 12


While trudging through AIPAD earlier this month, I bypassed rows of booths cloaked in an aged, dull sepia, but Klompching Gallery’s current exhibition made me stand still and even trace back a step or two. Perfectly paired exhibitions by Ken Rosenthal and Vojtech V. Slama reinvigorate the craft of photography with contemporary vigor and a timeless aesthetic. Both photographers turn moments into misty memories, brooding thoughts, and treasures from past lives. Printed exquisitely and presented conservatively, Klompching stole the show at 111 Front St.


A short distance from Klompching in DUMBO, BRIC Rotunda Gallery presents a group show,Mystics: A Blessed Rage for Order. The premise of the exhibition, curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, is pleasing to begin with—one can’t go wrong indulging an artist’s obsessive-compulsive nature. Beyond the process each artist seems to suffer from, these remarkable works transcend their neuroticism.

The circuit board diagrams of Jesse Pasca’s Moore’s Law become progressively denser, following Moore’s Law, which states that computer chips double in complexity every two years. Upon closer inspection, one realizes that every diagram is formed of minute strings of the word “compassion,” twisting this famous law of electronics into a questioning proposition on human nature.

Matthew Franklin Wilson presents a series of drawings titled Commute. Created while waiting, these dense, crazed line drawings are a foreboding black noise, the time we spend in transit (or waiting for it) reflected as a depressing muck of pointlessness.

Ken Rosenthal and Vojtech V. Slama on view at Klompching Gallery through May 20
LAST CHANCE: Mystics on view at BRIC Rotunda Gallery through April 28